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Today I had the priviledge of meeting Garry Junkunh, a truly insirational man and founder of 100K FATHERS, reuniting fathers with their estranged kids. What is 100k Fathers? (From

100k Fathers brings you together with men who also have broken relationships and estranged from their kids. We are connecting fathers on the same path, sharing valuable stories, wisdom, and ideas within this exclusive community supporting each other. We will discover and guide you through your Hero’s Journey to ultimately reunite with your kids and build new deep foundations with them, forming lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Your journey will realize your full potential as a father and a man.

Our mission is to reunite 100,000 fathers with their kids.

I am honoured to be supporting Garry in his mission and recommend any man that has lost contact with your son or daughter to contact 100K Fathers. This may have been due to parental alienation or through divorce.Whatever separated you from them, you are not alone.

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